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InstarDrip kit

Drip Kit is developed for small farmers having no electricity and no independent water source. It is affordable drip irrigation system for poor farmers having small land holdings. It removes the entry barrier for small farmers to adopt drip irrigation system.

Features of Drip Kit

  • Operates on gravity system and requires no electricity
  • Operates under very low pressure conditions
  • Very simple and easy to install
  • Water flow to each drip line can be controlled with the T tap valve
  • Portable and can be easily shifted
  • Labor costs are reduced drastically due to simplicity of the drip system
  • Drip Kit system requires approximately 60% to 70% less water when compared with the traditional surface irrigation
  • Modular design and hence can easily be expanded to bigger areas


This kit is mainly suitable for cultivation of vegetable crops and other closely spaced crops.


Drip Kit is available in 3 models

50 sq.meter, 100 sq.meter, 200 sq.meter.

Drip Tape

Thickness – 250 micron ( 10 mil )
Diameter – 16 mm
Drip hole spacing – 45 cm
Discharge – Approx. 3 – 6 liter per hour
(Depends upon tank height capacity)

Lateral length is 10 meter

Space between two laterals is 1 meter

T connectors are 16 mm quick connectors with lock and valve.

Number of plants

50 Sq. Meter – 110 plants at a spacing of 45 cm x 1 meter
100 Sq. meter – 220 plants at a spacing of 45 cm x 1 meter
200 Sq. meter – 440 plants at a spacing of 45 cm x 1 meter

Other Accessories

Drip Tape

Drip Tape is very simple and affordable by small farmers. Water flows like a jet instead of drop by drop. There is no dripper in the tube. Instead, simple holes are made to drip water. Hence clogging problem will never come. No blockage of simple holes and suitable for above ground installation.

Specifications of Drip Tape

  • Water flows like a jet instead of drop by drop
  • Drip lateral tape is a seamless tube
  • Manufactured from special grade virgin poly ethylene mixture
  • Wall thickness – 250 micron i.e. 10 mil
  • Outer Diameter – 14.6 mm All 16 mm lateral fittings can be used.
  • Flexible tape makes it convenient for coiling and de-coiling
  • Recommended for closely spaced crops
  • Drip holes are formed in the tape with spacing of 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm etc.
  • Wall thickness – 250 micron / 200 micron / 150 micron / 125 micron (10 mil / 8 mil / 6 mil / 5 mil).

Drip tape size – 16 mm ( outer diameter 14.6 mm), 20 mm ( outer diameter 16.6 mm)
Drip hole spacing – 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm
Custom order of any thickness, any size and any hole spacing is possible.


Venturi – fertilizer injectors are the most efficient and economical way to feed liquid nutrients to the roots of the plants through drip irrigation system. Fertigation is being done simultaneously along with irrigation. Plants absorb fertilizer more efficiently when it is in liquid form.

  • Easy to install
  • Economical and most efficient
  • Ensures regulated fertilizer injection
  • Manufactured with virgin plastic co-polymer material for durability
  • Non return valve at the suction end avoids reverse flow
  • High quality material resistance to most of the chemical used in agriculture
  • Injector delivers precise dosing, proportional to the system’s flow rate based on water volume


Filters are meant to remove dust and other fine particles in the water before irrigating through drip tubes.

Specifications of Screen Filters &Disk Filters

  • Ensures high particle retention and allows longer interval between cleaning
  • Coarse particles retained on element surface and fine particles retained in grooves
  • Installation is possible in any position, both vertical and horizontal, inlet – outlet connections possible in both inline and angular orientation
  • Impurities retained on element surface can be flushed out with drain valve
  • Corrosion-proof and durable polypropylene body construction
  • All plastic and metal parts are resistant to common agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and flushing agents used with the system
  • Stacked disk structure provides, three dimensional filtration for disk filter

Rain hose

It is a replacement for Sprinkler Irrigation System. Low cost drip irrigation solution removes the technology and cost entry barrier for poor farmers.

Advanced irrigation system

High quality products with the latest technology.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

Product range

  • Flow regulated fog spray
  • Flow regulated jet spray
  • Micro sprinkles
  • Tonardo ray jet stream spray

Jet + Jet Stream Spray

Rondo Micro Sprinkler, RFR Flow

S2000 Micro Sprinkler

S5000 Plastic Impact Sprinkler

Super XL Sprinkler

Tornado Ray Jet Stream Spray

FLF Flow regulated fog spray


  • Greenhouses and high tunnels
  • Orchards
  • Vegetable crops
  • Under the canopy irrigation
  • Overhead, full-cover irrigation

Drip irrigation system

Product range

  • Flow Regulated Online Dripper
  • Non - Regulated Dripper


  • Under trees in orchards
  • In potted plants